? CAMBOCCIA - skill, accuracy, control and concentration

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Sunday 2.pm - 4.pm - Impington Sports Centre, Cambridge, CB24 9LX.

Adults and children of all ages and all abilities welcome.


Boccia is a game to be played for enjoyment. The benefits for the individual would be, making friends, socialising, competitive spirit, team camaraderie and of course the health benefits.

It's a target game, which demands skill and subtlety as opposed to strength or speed and is played in this country by young and old. Also those with and those without a disability.

For more information or to book a place please contact Jacqui Newton on 01954 270770 or email Jacqui on info@camboccia.co.uk

For more information on the game of Boccia visit http://www.bocciaengland.org.uk/